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Steinbach LLC

Steinbach combines more than 200 years of traditional folk art and long standing family business in Germany. With more than 60 years of history on the U.S. market it´s the best known brand for handmade nutcrackers and Christmas goods in the USA. 


In addition to the popular art the Steinbach LLC started to add another line of business: The staff can proudly look back to more than 15 years of experience in the organization of Christmas markets as well as food and beverage business in Germany. After a long lead time the Steinbach LLC first participated successfully in Christmas markets in America with folk art goods in 2017. Only one year later, in 2018 the idea of an beverage business on the Carmel Christkindlmarkt in the U.S. was realized and started for a thrilling future…


Glühbier (mulled beer) is an extraordinary beer specialty to enjoy cold or warm. Glühbier is not a hot pilsner, black beer or Hefe Beer, but is made on the basis of an exceptional bock beer in a process lasting for months. When the harvest time arrives, the brewmaster adds the ingredients to the bock beer. The beer then ripens for several months, until the Glühbier attains its typical reddish color and the fruity taste. The beer is additionally completed while adding Christmas spices and sugar to become a soothing and full-bodied beer specialty: The Steinbach Glühbier! Winter spices are further fermented with the bock beer and give off their entire aroma to the beer. As a result, the sweet character comes to full advantage. Just delicious!

Mulled Wine

Traditional German


No other drink is associated with Christmas as much as mulled wine. Right on time for the beginning of the Advent season you can find them everywhere again: The mulled wine booths. A mulled wine in winter should not be missing, because mulled wine has a long tradition. Already the ancient Romans flavored their wines, at that time to improve the taste and preserve them. Today, the flavoring of wine is reserved for mulled wine only. To create mulled wine, red or white wine is heated with various spices (usually cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, star anise) and sweetened for the taste. A real delectation for the cold season.


German Beer

Original German Pilsner & Hefe

Pilsner – the most popular beer in Germany

German Pilsner is carefully brewed and flavorful. The light, hoppy beer with its fresh taste hits the spirit of the Germans. The German Pilsner is full of character, complex and full-bodied. In the 1960s, Pilsner beer was a rarity, so Theodor Böttiger, one of the few authors who dealt with beer at the time, had to explain about beer in his paperback in 1968: »Pilsner is a pure type designation for a beer brewed in the Pilsen way; very hoppy, light yellow and, if correct (which means poured carefully and slowly) out of the tap which is, by the way, decisive for its enjoyment, with a crown of creamy foam.

Hefe - Enjoy the naturally cloudy beer specialty from Germany. The Hefeweizen is distinguished by its elegant, rich golden color structure in conjunction with its characteristic natural yeast cloudiness. This Hefeweizen is as unique as its home. A velvety-creamy foam completes the unmistakable harmonious overall impression. Fruity in the beginning with a fresh, spicy note and pleasant tangy finish.

German Folk Art

Steinbach Nutcrackers

Every piece that is process in the Steinbach factory is unique, because wood is a vivid material and each and every piece has its own history. We will continue this history. You can find the love for this handicraft and for our work in each of the nutcrackers. Each step, each detail and brush stroke is completed with diligence and devotion. The whole production process, starting with designing and sampling, until final production takes places in Marienberg in Germany. Experience tradition – experience Steinbach.

Find our beautiful Products here:

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Glühwein Pyramid

Steinbach LLC has partnered with Carmel Christkindlmarkt, Inc. to bring this beautiful installation to the USA. We see the great potential of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt, and want to be part of its continued success. This partnership will ensure that Steinbach will be adding to the cultural authenticity of the Christkindlmarkt for many years, and will also ensure that this iconic German Glühwein Pyramide will be a fixture of the Christmas traditions in Carmel for generations to come.

Inspired by the traditional German Christmas decoration called the "Weihnachtspyramide" or Christmas Pyramid, these life size versions of the Christmas Pyramid have a rich history and tradition at the Christmas markets in Germany.

​Among other things Steinbach realised the financing and the new construction of the pyramid with all the technical difficulties regarding the bar stations and lighting. Furthermore we were responsible for the export and import of the pyramid by sea freight.


Fun Facts about our Pyramid...

  • Only one like it in the United States

  • 33 feet tall with over 3,000 lights

  • Weighs an estimated 10 tons

  • Made with maritime pine plywood

  • Rotating fan blades, powered by an electric motor

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